Information for Sponsors at Tracon 7

The roleplaying and anime event Tracon takes place next autumn from 8th to 9th of September 2012 at the Tampere Hall. This event is arranged now for the seventh time and has become an anticipated part of the Finnish convention year.

Tracon is an event dedicated to people interested in board, strategy, card and roleplaying games as well as fans of anime and manga i.e. Japanese animation and comics. The program of Tracon consists of presentations and panel discussions, music, martial arts and dance performances and interactive program like crafts and dance workshops. From one year to another the most popular program has been the cosplay competition.

Tracon 7 is funded with ticket, sponsor and grant revenues. The event is made completely as volunteer work. The event doesn't make profit and it doesn't pay any salary or dividend to anyone but the possible surplus is used to organizing the next event.

The previous Tracon (VI, 3rd to 4th September 2011) in a nutshell:

  • Entrance tickets sold 4100
  • Staff and program organizers 470
  • Visitors of all ages, majority 15–25 years old
  • Female visitors 70 %
  • 21 exhibitors or vendors in the market area

Do you want to become a sponsor?

Your company is warmly welcomed as a sponsor to Tracon! We offer many kinds of options to sales and advertising.

The sponsor contracts are customized according to the wishes of the company. The price of the contract is determined based on the different options added to the contract. Every contract also always includes the company logo to the program brochure as well as a mention in the event website.

Market table

The market tables are placed in the Park Hall of Tampere Hall. We have received a lot of positive feedback on this market area from both our customers and vendors. There's a bustle in there because for many of the customers the trip to the convention is also a shopping trip. The market area is open in Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 and in Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00.

  • The first three tables: 300 €/pcs
  • The following tables: 200 €/pcs

One table is at least 180 x 80 cm.

If you want to bring your own racks or stands we will charge them accordingly:

  • The first rack/stand: 50 €
  • The second rack/stand: 100 €
  • The third and more: 200 €/pcs

One rack or stand should fit to the same area as one market table (180x80 cm). Also, don't be afraid to ask about other special arrangements!

Please note that the price doesn't include electricity or Internet connection but these are charged according to the Tampere Hall price list. Last year the electricity cost 68 € / connection and wireless Internet 10 € / day.

Program Brochure

The program brochure is printed in full color and is handed out for free for the visitors. It's an effective advertising place since almost every visitor reads it through. Many visitors also take it as a souvenir from the event.

  • 1/2 page advertisement: 200 €
  • 1 page advertisement: 300 €
  • 2 page advertisement: 600 €
  • Inner cover: 500 €
  • Back cover: 700 €

Unfortunately we can't sell the centerfold for advertising because the program map is placed on it.

Web advertisement – 50 €

The web advertisement can be seen on every page of our website On every page a standard amount of advertisement are shown so your advertisement will be shown on average about every third page download. The advertisement banner should be 196 px wide and 60-200 px high.

Info screen advertisement – 150 €

Tampere Hall has several info screens in good and visible places around the building. Tracon's own notifications are shown on the screen and advertisements are shown as a part of the info-TV cycle. The visitors follow the info screen rather intensely during the event so it's a good place to advertise.

The sponsor packets

The sponsor packets are bigger readily assembled packets. With them you can save up to 10-20% compared to the list prices.

Main sponsor packet: 2500 €

  • The amount of market tables you need
  • Back cover, inner cover or spread from the program brochure
  • Web advertisement that can be seen on every page load
  • Info screen advertisement with intensified coverage

Big sponsor packet: 1500 € (list price 1800 €)

  • 5 market tables
  • 1 page advertisement from the program brochure
  • Info screen advertisement
  • Web advertisement

Small sponsor packet: 1000 € (list price 1150 €)

  • 3 market tables
  • 1/2 page advertisement from the program brochure
  • Info screen advertisement
  • Web advertisement

The materials

The prices don't include the production of the ads. However, we can discuss separately about production collaboration.

The finished materials can be sent by mail to sponsori12 at If they are over 8MB in size, please ask for further instructions from the same address.



Elli Ojaniemi
sponsori12 at